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Application field of light fired magnesium ball

2023-02-06 14:26:23

Application field of light fired magnesium ball

Light fired magnesium ball is made of ordinary light fired magnesium powder, which is mixed and then pressed into the ball. Mainly used for converter steelmaking, slag splashing furnace protection, can improve the converter furnace life. The preparation of light fired magnesium is to add 80% light fired magnesium powder to 20% water, and then put it into the mixer for rolling, stirring and mixing for 15~20min to form the mixture. The product is prepared by the ball pressing mechanism of the belt conveyor, and then piled up. After 48 hours of drying and forming strength, the light fired magnesium ball is ready for sale. Light fired magnesium ball can be used as the regulating agent of slag spatter in converter. Because slag splashing furnace protection requires slag to have appropriate viscosity and refractoriness reasonable slag composition is the key to implement slag splashing furnace protection. General slag can not be directly splashed furnace protection, need to add a certain amount of magnesium oxide ball to adjust, at the same time instead of the use of dolomite, reduce the amount of slag, improve the content of MgO in slag. Because MgO is a high melting point mineral, melting point 2800℃, the increase of MgO content in slag, so that the slag viscosity becomes larger, improve the fire resistance, slag more easily combined with the lining, the formation of an effective slag protection layer on the lining, so as to improve the lining life, reduce consumption.

However, the quality of light burnt magnesium ball on the market is uneven, from the selection of raw materials, to the production and processing of products, and then to the transportation and sales, the pace of the company is not consistent, resulting in customers and enterprises can not obtain the benefits of Z. Some of the products produced by the old production line without modification have low pellet rate. After the raw material is processed by the ball pressing machine, half is the product, half is the powder, the powder needs to be returned to the ball pressing machine after processing; The sphere is loose. Low density, low strength, easy to break. Especially in loading and unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling, the ball is prone to broken ball shape is not complete. Some are half a ball, some are a third of the ball, some balls lack corners, different shapes, surface luster, appearance image is poor; Users are not satisfied. Sales of products, containing 20%-35% small particles and powder particles and other mixtures, users have repeatedly raised objections to this; Z importantly, it will increase the cost of customers and serious damage to the life of the converter lining masonry. Due to the light burning magnesium ball ball loose, small density, low strength, in loading and unloading, transportation, extrusion and falling, the ball is easy to break. Therefore, when the light-fired magnesium ball is sent into the steelmaking furnace and is in contact with the molten steel, some of the broken blocks and powders are sucked out of the furnace by the strong negative pressure of the exhaust system on the top of the converter furnace, collected by the electrostatic precipitator in the chimney and treated separately as waste. As a result, the following three results increase the damage degree of the lining of the converter furnace and the damage degree of the exhaust system equipment. Increased consumption of tons of steel light - fired magnesium balls.



Address: Daling Village, Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou City

Phone number: 13904172088