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Environmental protection and industrial hygiene of magnesium oxide

2023-02-06 14:41:48

Most of the time, we will worry about the production of chemical enterprises, will cause serious pollution to our living environment. So people will be very anti-chemical companies in the heart. In fact, chemical enterprises are not so terrible as we imagine, magnesium oxide manufacturers, as long as we do a good job of environmental protection and industrial hygiene, all this is completely avoidable. As a large manufacturer of magnesium oxide, how does it deal with environmental protection and industrial hygiene?

Raw material production

Using ammonium halide process to produce light magnesium oxide, the resulting washing water will contain traces of ammonium. The existence of ammonium will cause harm to the environment, so Hebei Meishen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will set up ammonium recovery device according to the production scale, so as to recover and use. Dolomite carbonization method to produce light magnesium oxide, in the production will produce a lot of waste slag, that is, magnesium calcium carbonate, magnesium calcium carbonate in the mountainous area often cause debris flow disasters or pollution of the mountainous environment. Calcium carbonate containing magnesium can be used comprehensively to produce light calcium carbonate. Light calcium carbonate plays an important role in rubber, paper, plastics and paints, so it can turn waste into treasure.

Finished product production

In high temperature calcination operation, there will be a lot of high temperature steam evaporation when high temperature furnace top feeding, to prevent burning face or hands. Therefore, when the calcined material is out of the oven, the hot material should be prevented from spraying outside the discharge port, and the face must be careful not to face the discharge port.



Address: Daling Village, Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou City

Phone number: 13904172088