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The water treatment system of magnesium oxide powder wet desulphurization is briefly introduced

2023-02-06 14:55:48

First of all, magnesium oxide powder can play a stable role when mixing, can prevent burning in processing, and improve the burning of rubber in the storage process, and in plasticizing, but also has the role of plasticizing rubber.

Adding magnesium oxide to rubber at the beginning of mixing can prevent early crosslinking and cyclization of neoprene rubber, and can increase the safety of operation. In curing time and into curing agent, play the role of hydrogen chloride acceptor, prevent hydrogen chloride on fiber tissue erosion. Magnesium oxide can improve heat and aging resistance. The quality of magnesium oxide has great influence on the processing and vulcanization of neoprene adhesive. When the dosage of magnesium oxide is increased to 10 parts, the colloid can have higher plasticity and better storage stability.

Zinc oxide mainly do vulcanizing glue, can make vulcanizing flat. Increasing the amount of zinc oxide can improve the heat resistance and aging resistance, but the glue is easy to burn and reduce the storage stability of the glue. Large amounts of use can also make the rubber material hard and lose plasticity. But it can increase the curing speed, curing degree and high temperature resistance. General magnesium oxide and zinc oxide used at the same time so as to solve the vulcanizate easy to burn shape and high degree of vulcanization and curing speed, cutting crosslinking degree than single use much higher.

Magnesium oxide wet desulfurization tower, desulfurization process principle is basically the same as calcium oxide wet desulfurization process, flue gas from the desulfurization reactor from the lower radial into the reaction tower, in the process of rising in the reaction tower and magnesium hydroxide slurry contact, sulfur dioxide and magnesium hydroxide reaction in the flue gas to produce magnesium sulfite to achieve the effect of desulfurization, magnesium sulfite physical properties belong to insoluble substances, It is partially converted into magnesium sulfate under the action of oxidation fan.

At the same time, harmful gases such as SO3, HCl and HF in the flue gas are absorbed in the absorber and dissolved into the slurry. With the consumption of magnesium hydroxide in the desulfurization tower, the pH value will be reduced, and fresh slurry needs to be continuously replenished into the desulfurization tower, and the products of the desulfurization reaction need to be discharged regularly. As the main components of the product of magnesium oxide wet desulfurization are magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfate, different from calcium sulfate desulfurization, calcium sulfate low solubility can be produced by cyclone after the use of vacuum belt machine gypsum purity, and gypsum market is broad. However, for the wet desulfurization products of magnesium oxide are magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfite, the solubility of magnesium sulfite is high, and the content of magnesium sulfite changes greatly with the operating condition of the oxidation fan. Therefore, the extraction of magnesium sulfite or magnesium sulfite with high purity cannot be realized, and the market prospect is worrying because the purity of the extracted products cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, there is no vacuum belt conveyor set in the slurry treatment system of two desulfurization towers of the company to extract products to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, and the desulfurization tower slurry directly into the desulfurization wastewater treatment system, and the solid content of the discharge slurry is large, high temperature (53℃), low pH, large amount of wastewater and other adverse factors to the desulfurization wastewater treatment process has brought great difficulty.



Address: Daling Village, Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou City

Phone number: 13904172088