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Peoples misunderstanding of light burning powder

2023-02-06 14:43:07

1, magnesium oxide content and activity in a range is proportional to, in fact, there is no such strict or reliable proportional relationship; Light burning powder

2, if you think that "beyond the scope of this is inversely proportional" is a serious mistake!

3, now the magnesium oxide is misunderstood by some people as light burning powder, is also a serious mistake, it should be said that the main component of light burning powder is magnesium oxide, light burning powder also contains MgCO3, Mg(OH)2, CaO, Fe2O3, Al2O3, SiO2 and other impurities. The reverse description of magnesium oxide as light burning powder is seriously wrong.

4. With the innovation of The Times and technology, the definition of light burning powder and rignite has also undergone significant changes. Rignite is made of magnesite by old kiln firing, which is gray in color and has a particularly high impurity content. Qualified light burning powder shall meet the standards of WB/T 1019-2002 Light burning Magnesite for Magnesite Products and HG/T 2573-2006- Industrial Light Burning Magnesite. You can't meet these standards with dirt.

In addition, there is a deep misunderstanding about the use of ethylene glycol extraction to determine the content of f-CaO in light burning powder. According to the experiment, ethylene glycol also absorbs magnesium oxide, and with the extraction time, there is a visible effect on the results. This point involves the correction of some national standards, which also happens to be consistent with some other articles. The suggestion is important, and experts can argue further



Address: Daling Village, Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Yingkou City

Phone number: 13904172088